August 20, 2014

How Big Are Fatheads

Fatheads are Real Big! Well, truthfully Fatheads are made in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They range for very small decals you can place on your notebook or iphone to the most massive of Fatheads that are mounted on 30 foot high pillars at sporting arenas. For those of you curious as to how tall the particular favorite player of yours is as a Fathead Real Big Wall Graphic, the answer is simple. They are Life Size! Peyton Manning for example is like 6’6″ tall and thus will be towering over your room as any Sheriff should. Below is a general breakdown of all the most popular Fathead products and their average size.

  • 1. Fathead Real Big Wall Graphic Sizes – These Fathead products are meant to be life size. While some of them may be off just a half inch or so, most of them are the same exact size of the athlete him or herself. This obviously ranges from 5’0 to 7′.
  • 2. Fathead Juniors Sizes – These Fatheads are generally in the 2′ to 3′ tall range. They are perfect for those who don’t want to dedicate an entire wall to a decal but like the general idea of having awesome graphics in their space.
  • 3. Fathead Teammates Sizes – These Fathead graphics are reserved for the less obnoxious of us. They range from only 1′ to 1.5′ tall but are perfect for those smaller areas that need some life on your walls.
  • 4. Fathead Tradeables Sizes – Fathead tradeables are the modern day HD baseball cards and are 5″ by 7″ in size. They can be purchased in packs or by singles.
  • 5. Fathead Fat Dots Sizes – Fathead Dots are designed to cover your iphone or ipad home button with your favorite team. They fit apple devices perfectly and are roughly just under a half inch in diameter.
  • 6. Fathead Big Head Sizes – These are giant faces of your favorite celebrity or athlete. They are non adhesive with a foam core and are usually right around 2′ in height.
  • 7. Fathead Stand Out Sizes – These products are built to be life size. Although some a slightly shorter, you can pretty much bet the the stand out that you order will be the same size as the real person is or was.
  • 8. Fathead Street Grip Sizes – These are really cool and durable Fathead Logos that are typically 2′ to 5′ feet in size and are designed for outdoor use.
  • 9. Fathead Device Skins Sizes – You guessed right, Fathead Device Skins are the perfect size for any of your mobile devices.
  • 11. Fathead Total Coverage Sizes – Fathead Total Coverage sizes can be blown up or down to fit the small or most massive of walls or spaces.

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