Game day, oh, Game day where have you been all my life . Don’t you worry, because all these nice people are going to celebrate you just right with their favorite Fatheads. Today we get to see the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints go head to head with nearly reflecting records; the Panthers leading only with a tie game. As I said before these are two great teams and we will have a real show on our hands tonight. The only other real question is, which teams Fatheads will fill your home? Today were going to look into the Panthers and see just what they’re all about and why they are going to be an admirable opponent for the Saints. Just know, whether you have a New Orleans Saints Fathead or a Carolina Panthers Fathead there are going to be two teams on that field today giving it their all. In this game we will really see the men separate from the boys. Without further ado I bring you the Carolina Panthers, Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

Cam Newton:
Cam Newton Fathead Promo CodeWith a past so strong it was certain that this Quarterback is destined for greatness. Newton managed to win a Heisman Trophy, win a National Championship, and be the first overall pick in the NFL draft all in a one year span; truly remarkable. In his first year in the NFL he Newton broke numerous rookie NFL records for passing and running the ball.In his first game alone he threw 400 yards, shattering the previous first game record by 120 yards; a record made by Peyton Manning. So a kid like that must be doing great things now right, without a doubt you’d be right. Newton’s brain is literally on the move at each and every millisecond, allowing him to make a pass in about 2.53 seconds on average and throws the lowest percentage of pickable passes at the same time. Some have even gone so far as to rate Newton the best Quarterback in the NFL. On that note, doesn’t one of the best, if not the best, Quarterbacks be in your home? Make it so with that Cam Newton Fathead that you know you are itching to get!

Thomas Davis:
Thomas Davis Fathead Promo CodeTime to take a look at some of the guys on defense that have a LOT to do with how the game is played and how the lead can be taken. Thomas Davis began his career with the Panthers in 2005 with the thought that he would be a safety. However, during his rookie year he was switched to a linebacker and finished out a decent season with 38 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Though his rookie year didn’t have the spotlight shining on Davis so bright, I ask you to look at what he has become and what he has the potential to be. In his 2013 season we saw Davis reach an all time high and wacthed him start all 16 games and end the season with 123 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, and a forced fumble. These are the types of defensive plays that the offense takes for granted, because without players like Davis the offense will see the ball that much less. Do as this almighty linebacker does and kick the Saints out of your house and get the Thomas Davis Fathead on the wall!

Star Lotulelei:
Star Lotulelei Fathead Promo CodeWhat is more unique, this man’s name or his undeniable intelligence when it comes to the game? Lotulelei only began his professional career just last year in 2013, but hey let’s give the rookie a chance for a spot in here. In his 2013 year Lotulelei started all 16 games as DT and made his first career sack against the Giants. With 42 tackles, 3 sacks, and 23 quarterback pressures it is pretty clear cut that this guy had a budding future ahead of him. He has yet to something entirely impressive this year, but mark my words it will happen. The trouble is that these guys do a lot of work and are credited with little. This man is made to plug the running holes and shed all blockers. Tomorrows Game I am sure that is exactly what you’ll see. With a man of this massive size I dont know if your wall will be big enough, but if it is I want you to put that Gargantuan Star Lotulelei Fathead up and hang it proudly for all the unsung heroes of the NFL.

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These players are important to the team and are committed to it’s success but they are not the only ones, and if you are a die hard Carolina Panthers fan I’m sure you know that. That being said there are many more choices for Carolina Panther Fatheads along the lines of players and graphics. Another thing you may wonder is if you can get something that isn’t such a large sticker and I’m here to tell you it’s completely possible. Fathead has die-cuts, laptop covers, iPad covers, Jr. size players, or even whole wall murals for the mammoth fans out there. On your next Carolina Panther Fathead Purchase be sure to use our Latest Fathead Promo Codes and save big! With that being said I hope that fans of both teams are watching a great game tonight and I hope you are celebrating it right with your Fatheads!

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