Time to take a look at the other team that is going to be playing today before the game get’s started. Two great teams going head to head at the Paul Brown Stadium in Ohio tonight and I’m foreseeing a game that will be split by a hair. These two fairly formidable teams have their […]

It’s gonna be a big B weekend with the Browns and the Bengals battling each other tomorrow! With the coin flipped it looks like the winners of the day are going to be the Cleveland Browns, a team with some of the meanest Fatheads around. They hold a record of 5-3 so far this season […]

What a Game between New England and Denver we had this weekend. Not only that but what a Quarterback game we had between Manning and Brady, two of the best Quarterbacks in the business. In the end the Patriots managed to extinguish any hope of Denver winning this time around. Both teams truly gave it […]

As more and more teams are added to our site roster we want to make sure that it is easy for you to find your favorite teams and get a little preview of what their Fatheads look like and maybe even entice you to look into a few player backgrounds a little deeper. Not only […]

Game day, oh, Game day where have you been all my life . Don’t you worry, because all these nice people are going to celebrate you just right with their favorite Fatheads. Today we get to see the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints go head to head with nearly reflecting records; the Panthers […]

Thursday night football is on it’s way and I can’t help but notice it’s between two good teams that are running equal stats. That’s right, the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers. It was hard to pick which team I’d rather talk about today, as they both have admirable attributes about them. But the […]

Being born and raised in Michigan I just couldn’t resist writing about the Lions, especially after their most recent victory against the Falcons, another great team! ┬áThis teams roster is filled with so many guys that show ridiculous dedication to this truly awesome team, do I dare say some have a bit of the most […]

Are you a Denver Broncos die-hard fan? No, seriously, are you a ‘real’ die-hard Denver Broncos fan? Because there is a distinct difference in the level of fan-hood here. Die-hard Denver Broncos fan’s have at least one entire room in their house dedicated to Denver Bronco Fatheads! Of course, Peyton Manning is the life size […]