Are you a Denver Broncos die-hard fan? No, seriously, are you a ‘real’ die-hard Denver Broncos fan? Because there is a distinct difference in the level of fan-hood here. Die-hard Denver Broncos fan’s have at least one entire room in their house dedicated to Denver Bronco Fatheads! Of course, Peyton Manning is the life size Fathead in the ideal location of the room and ideally Wes Welker, Julius Thomas and Demaryius Thomas are scattered throughout the rest of the room eagerly awaiting another touchdown pass! What’s that? You want to go a more traditional route? How does an entire wall mural of the Mile High Stadium sound? I thought you might like that idea. Something like this would even be perfect for say the wall next to your pool table and in your gaming room. Whichever way you decide to celebrate and show your real fan-hood, don’t let your walls sit blank without giant Denver Broncos Fatheads plastered everywhere!

Peyton Manning Fathead:
peyton manning fatheadFor those of you who aren’t aware, Peyton Manning is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time. Which is certainly an admirable label when considering the highly acclaimed group of hall of fame qb’s that have graced NFL fans over the many years of the league. Peyton indeed broke Brett Favre’s record for career touchdown passes on 10-19-2014 vs the San Fransico 49ers. The previous record held by Favre was 508, which manning will be crushing before his playing days are finally over. Favre tweeted a message congratulating Manning for breaking his record and happily pushing him to reach 600. If a guy/legend like Peyton Manning doesn’t make the cut to be on your wall, literally nothing should be on your walls, not even paint.

Wes Welker Fathead:
wes welker fatheadAh Wes Welker, the underdog who steadily keeps all of our hearts with hope and the idea of achievement. Wes said himself that he wouldn’t have taken him in the draft. Too small is the cliche that Wes has dealt with his entirely life and frankly has used as fuel to prove the masses wrong and even prove to himself that despite his short stature, the measure of his determination and heart is larger than anyone else’s on the field. We deserves a position on your wall via a giant Wes Welker Fathead just like he deserves a top slop position on any team in the entire NFL.

Julius Thomas Fathead:
Julius Thomas FatheadJulius Thomas is quickly becoming one of the premier tight ends in the NFL. Peyton Manning and Julious Thomas have already developed a chemistry together that is rarely seen in the NFL between even Qb’s and number one Wr’s. Julius Thomas would no doubt be an amazing tight end without Peyton, but he himself and we as fans should be basking in every connection that these to hook up for while Peyton is still healthy enough to continue to play. Snatching up a Julius Thomas Fathead and displaying him on your wall is truly symbolic of the current glory of the Denver Broncos.

Demaryius Thomas Fathead:
Demaryius Thomas FatheadDemaryius Thomas, Peyton Manning’s number one wide receiver, has become one of the best wide receivers int he league thanks to Peyton Manning’s arrival. Not to take away from Demaryius’s already huge size and natural talent, but Peyton truly does bring more to the table to offer any wide receiver than any other qb in the the league does. Manning literally hand crafts all of his receivers to be on the same exact page as him no matter where they may be on the field. Because Manning is detail oriented and meticulous, good receiver’s are molded into great receivers. It’s truly exciting to think about the long term prospects of this talented man’s future! Show how involved you are as a Broncos fan and feature a Demaryius Thomas Fathead loudly and proudly on your walls!

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