Being born and raised in Michigan I just couldn’t resist writing about the Lions, especially after their most recent victory against the Falcons, another great team!  This teams roster is filled with so many guys that show ridiculous dedication to this truly awesome team, do I dare say some have a bit of the most dedication to the sport itself? Getting pumped about the Detroit Lions is one of the things that I do best, however, there’s one way to hop onto a whole new dimension of sport stimulation, with none other than a Detroit Lions Fathead! There are just too many players that belong in every die hard Lions fan’s home such as Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, or even the team angel Ndamukong Suh. Don’t waste another minute without at least one of the Detroit Lions Fatheads covering your wall in all of it’s glory!

Matthew Stafford Fathead:
Matthew Stafford Fathead Promo CodeDrafted in 2009 Matthew Stafford has done his part to help the Lions in their rise to the top.  In his 3rd week on the team Stafford had finally led the Lions to their first victory since the 2007 season, breaking the curse that had followed them for so long. Since then he has accomplished many feats, such as being the 4th quarterback in NFL history to throw over 5,000 yards in a single season. A ridiculous feat that has only been accomplished by a select few athletes, 3 of them in the 2011 NFL season. A Matthew Stafford Fathead belongs on that wall, the one in the back of your mind right now, to remind you of the guts he brought to this team and that he will continue to.

Reggie Bush Fathead:
Reggie Bush Fathead Promo CodeWhat isn’t there to say about Reggie Bush, Wow. Reggie Bush is a running back that runs on the meanest of Duracell batteries, this guy never quits. Bush signed on with the Lions in March of 2013, just last year, and had really earned his keep ever since. Since he joined the Lions he has managed to record 1,512 total yards, being the only one to hit over 1,500 yards for the Lions in a seasons since Barry Sanders in ’98. Any Lion that can compare to the legend of Barry Sanders belong in your home and the Reggie Bush Fathead is the way to make that happen.


Calvin Johnson Fathead:
Calvin johnson Fathead Promo CodeIn the 2007 NFL Draft Pick Calvin “Megatron” Johnson was selected and history for the Lions had been made as they collected a wide receiver that would forever change the game. In his debut game he caught 4 passes for 70 yards to make his first career touchdown. Showing that kind of grit in his debut game showed the Lions that they had a teammate that would give more than just touchdowns, but brotherhood. Since then he has reached many significant milestones, one of my favorites being that he was the FIRST player in the NFL to recieve over 1,600 yards in consecutive seasons. Show Calvin Johnson the same brotherhood that he showed the Lions and put that Calvin Johnson Fathead on the wall today!

Ndamukong Suh Fathead:
Ndamukong Suh Fathead Promo CodeLast, but surely not least by any means, we happen upon Ndamukong Suh. A player that joined the Lions in 2010 and has proved to be a hard and heavy hitter every time he gallops out onto the field. In Suh’s rookie year he proved to be absolutely relentless by not only making sure to make sacking the quarterback a main goal, but also making an interception on his first October in the NFL and later scoring a touchdown on a recovery against the Redskins. Not only that, but he was also chosen for the 2010 Pro Bowl as a starter, a task once again achieved only since the legend Barry Sanders. Suh continues on with a promising career as he moves to become one of the most renowned DT’s  out there.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog posting on the Lions and even though I am a Green Bay fan the Lions are definitely a team to keep an eye on.Calvin Johnson is a beast.
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