Ready to make your mobile device about 10,000 times cooler than it already is? Introducing Fathead Skins and Cases featuring your favorite sports teams. Come on, it’s football season, show a little fan-hood by representing your favorite team. Your not a fair weather fan, your the real deal and people should know, even if it is as fickle as placing a beautiful Fathead Skin on your laptop, ipad or iphone. Fathead Skins are extremely durable and can be placed and replaced on several devices before losing it’s adhesiveness.

A lesser known option through Fathead is custom mobile device decals. If you don’t feel like representing one of our favorite NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL teams, feel free to represent one of your own pictures. Chances are you have a number of pictures that would look perfect to display on your devices. With Fatheads custom option you can upload your very own picture, size it and have it printed for your own unique style. If anything, I’m sure it will make for a great conversation piece. Want to get really creative? With Fatheads Skins Custom Creations, you can start from scratch and design an entire device decal. Whether you want to upload a picture that you took yourself or frankly any other logo or graphic, you can fully customize the look of your skin or case with this option. It should also be mentioned that Fathead Cases are limited to certain devices. For example, if you want your own custom hard case for your phone it needs to be either an iphone 4 or any sub series or an iphone 5 or and sub series. Also, Fathead Hard Cases can even be customized for e readers, kindles and other reading tablets.

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