Fathead Promo Codes are usually my main point of discussion, but let’s change it up today. A question that I think has been asked a lot as Fatheads increased in popularity is, what is the difference between a Fathead and a sticker? Time to lay it all down for you so when you make your purchase of your very favorite Fathead you know exactly what you’re buying. Not only that, but you are going to save big because you are going to remember to use some of our Latest Fathead Promo Codes to get ridiculous savings. But before we start diving in what are some of the big points that we need to cover so that we know the difference?

  • Fatheads can range from size to size so they don’t all have to be towering like the 6’5″ Fatheads that do exist, they can also small enough to cover the Home Button on iPhones.
  • Stickers are made to last only as long as they are treated well and put under the smallest amount of stress, Fatheads are made on durable vinyl that is fade resistant.
  • Fatheads are absolutely reuseable along with being self adhesive.
  • Fatheads don’t get ruined when removing or ruin the surface that they were applied to.
  • You can make your own Custom Creations if you don’t fall in love with another Fathead.
  • Fathead has awesome and ever changing Fathead Promo Codes that you can find on our Homepage.

These are just a few of the things that are very important when it comes to distinguishing the difference between Fatheads and stickers. If we went over each and every difference, well, I can’t guarantee you wouldn’t fall asleep through the article. Let’s dig deep into this now!

Size, Stickiness, Material, Does it Matter?

clay mathews fathead promo codeDo we breathe oxygen? The answer to both questions is yes! Size is not the issue that you may think, at Fathead they know how to make some REAL. BIG. FATHEADS. but they know that not every situation can work with these mammoth graphics, and with that in mind they managed to created things such as Fathead Jrs., Teammates, Tradeables, and even Fat Dots. This makes it so that no matter the application there is a Fathead that is the perfect size for you. Material is important as well, because the vinyl that these Fatheads are made of is what is going to make it so you can move them, reuse them, and then use them some more. The Fatheads that go on the wall need to be treated carefully, but they aren’t quite so delicate as a sticker that can ruin itself once it makes contact with anything at all. The stickiness of these Fatheads also makes them significant because you don’t want to purchase a Fathead to find it on the floor, that’s just disrespectful. So make sure that when it is applied it is on a clean, flat surface and it is a surface that the Fathead was designed for, and ALWAYS make sure you have enough hands to make it a smooth transition.

Don’t See a Fathead You Love? Make Your Own!

create your own fatheadIf you don’t see a Fathead that you fall in love with at first sight I think that it’s time that you get the chance to make a Fathead Custom Creation! When you find a picture that speaks to you in a way that you want to remember the moment for the rest of your life, why wouldn’t you turn it into a memorable graphic? Fathead can make all of your most memorable moments into graphics and you have freedoms as well, such as changing the colors of the picture and removing certain portions. These are the types of graphics that will work a lot like the Fatheads in the matters such as installation and removal but the way that they touch you in that deep special place in your heart will be all the more meaningful.

Fathead Promo Codes Can Help Show The Difference

Our Fathead Promo Codes can help show the difference between a Fathead and sticker by helping you make that first initial purchase. After you make that first purchase you are going to see just how well you love these Fatheads and I can guarantee you will want to come back for more. With our Latest Fathead Promo Codes you can save enough that you can buy as many Fatheads as you want. So be sure to check out all the savings and find your favorite Fathead today!

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