August 21, 2014

How To Make Your Own Fathead

Introducing Fathead Custom Creations, your one stop shop for turning your own images into true Fatheads! Perhaps the most innovative way of decorating your walls available, Fatheads unique Custom Creations doesn’t feature some random sports star, but you or your kin. Does your son, daughter or grandson or granddaughter play a sport? Do you already have a great image on your phone or camera that you’d like to do something special with? There is no better gift and to be honest no more of a thrilling and surprising gift in this price range than creating a Fathead for your loved one. Fathead has made the process of creating your very own Fathead incredibly simple.

create your own fathead

  • 1. First you need to have a great picture. As long as it’s been taken in a descent resolution, you’ll be able to easily upload it in the Fathead Custom Creations system.
  • 2. You’ll need to choose exactly what kind of Fathead you’d like to create. You have a wide array of options ranging from Die Cut (as seen in the image above), Murals (basically a giant removable vinyl photograph), Canvas Wraps (a professional artist quality wrapped canvas with photo filter options), Big Heads (2 feet tall durable faces that are mobile), Life Size Stand Outs (full size cardboard and vinyl stand ups), Custom Instant Windows (great for scenery images), Personalized Transfer Decals (use any custom created logo or graphic of your own), Device Skins and Cases (your own pictures for skins and cases), Fat Dots (for the home button on your apple devices), Street Grips (these are awesome outdoor decals to showcase any of your custom logos or graphics), Auto Decals & Wraps and even Fathead’s Total Coverage (floor to ceiling graphics for your whole wall).
  • 3. Add any specific instruction that you want the Fathead team to know about your unique Fathead.
  • 4. Choose any available photo effects for your new custom Fathead.
  • 5. Confirm your digital proof via email so you know exactly how your custom Fathead is going to look when it’s printed and shipped to your door.

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