August 20, 2014

Who Owns Fathead

Dan GilbertDan Gilbert is the mastermind behind the incredibly innovative company that is Fathead, LLC. Well of course that is how he would dramatize it. Dan actually bought the company in 2006 after his then Chief Marketing Officer of Quicken Loans brought the cool idea and products to his attention. Dan Gilbert is most notoriously known probably for his ownership of the Cleveland Cavaliers, however he does own a number of other extremely large and great companies/organizations. A few of these companies include the Lake Erie Monsters, Xenith, Xeko and Veritex. At stated above, Dan Gilbert currently owns Fathead but is well known also for his founding of Quicken Loans. Being worth 3.9 billion with a ‘b’ dollars certainly has allowed Gilbert to work on more risky items in his portfolio of beautifully ran entrepreneurial ventures. Dan has 5 children and is married. He also owns the Cleveland Gladiators (of the Arena Football League), the Canton Charge (an NBA development league team) and the Horseshoe Casino (an extension of his Rock Gaming Brand). I guess you could say that Dan is a bit of a tycoon, but he obviously has the smarts and creativity to thrive as an entrepreneur.

The most well known of Dan Gilbert’s property holdings:

Quicken Loans
Founded in 1985, Dan Gilbert has grown Quicken Loans into the largest online retail mortgage lender in the United States and the second largest overall retail lender in the United States.

Lake Erie Monsters
Purchased in 2006 by a Dan Gilbert lead group of investors, the Lake Erie Monsters were created out of the previously known Utah Grizzlies American League Hockey team. Like most of Gilbert’s sports related franchises, they utilize the Quicken Loans Arena for games.

No it’s not the old TV and electronics company. It’s an incredibly innovative and cool company focused in football equipment, namely helmets and shoulder pads as well as facemasks. This is a relatively new company with some awesome potential upside should their cool products continue to market correctly.

This is an interesting one. Xeko is actually a trading card game themed around endangered species. It seems as though the company may have gone out of business however as their official website appears to have been purchased by another company. Perhaps the entity is just morphing shapes into a digital arena.

Interestingly enough, Veritex is actually a hub for those in the events industry to utilize and maximize profits through smart marketing tactics and innovative systems.

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