Fathead offers tons of promo codes through the year. Most of the time, Fathead will keep certain promotions going throughout the entire year and mix in random promo code offers that usually last around 1 week. We feature any Fathead Promotion found below that requires a promo code on our main Fathead Promo Code page. Currently there are 6 amazing ways to save on Fathead merchandise:

  • 1. $15 Off Purchases of $50 or More – In order to receive this discount, one simply needs to signup or opt into the Fathead Newsletter system. While this is a great promotion, it should also be noted that promo codes larger or of equal value are still usually offered without needing to opt into anything at all. Does not require a promo code.
  • 2. $25 Off Fathead Real Big Wall Decals of $69 or More – Fathead commonly runs larger promotions on items they need to move to make way for new merchandise ready to hit the shelves. It seems as though this promotional offer is no different. Most likely this is to make way all the new NFL Fatheads, particularly Real Big Fatheads as the season is about to begin. See our Fathead Promo Code page for the exact code you’ll use at checkout.
  • 3. 4 Fathead Real Big Wall Graphics for Only $249 – Basically Fathead lowers the price on merchandise that doesn’t move fast just like any other company does. I’m not sure who will be needing 4 Real Big Wall Graphics any time soon, but if you need 4, Fathead is offering a bulk discount on these items. This promotion is automatically calculated at checkout.
  • 4. 25% Off Purchases of Teammate Graphics of 8 or More – This littler Fathead Promotion is certainly guilty of trying to push products. Hey, who knew? I guess people rather purchase the individual Fathead athletes than entire teams. Check out our Fathead Promo Code page to get this code.
  • 5. 20% Off For All Military Families – Fathead is notorious for offering this promotion all year long. One does not need any promo code to take advantage of this deal, you will however have to answer a few quick questions just to make sure you not trying to take advantage of the system. Certainly a great promotion nonetheless, especially during football season!
  • 6. Up To 50% Off Fathead Closeout Corner Products – Okay, we included this as a Fathead Promo Code because it is actually a phenomenal way to save on Fathead Merchandise. However, no promo code is required. Simply visit the Fathead Closeout Corner section of their website. Also some awesome deals in there.
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    $5 Off Every $20 Spent

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