How deep does your fan-hood go? Attending a sporting event or events this year? Big fan of any single player in any particular league? Are you proud enough to be rather obnoxious at the sports game house parties you attend? Step your game up with a Fathead Die Cut Face. These things are giant faces at roughly 2 feet tall and can really make a statement or frankly your feeling about any particular athlete known. So why just talk the talk when you can walk the walk and waive this ridiculously giant faces around to cheer your athlete on. Again, unlike other cheap giant faces that are flimsy, these Fathead Die Cut Faces are extremely well constructed to last an entire season. That is of course unless you let one of your rivals punch out your favorite player or place colorful graffiti marks on him. I won’t get into my personal stories of defending my giant Peyton Manning Die Cut Face, however I would suggest that you protect your’s at all cost and times. Malicious rivals will stoop to any lengths to deface your beautiful Fathead Die Cut Face! Oh yeah, don’t forget to use our latest Fathead Promo Code to save yourself a bunch of money too!

  • 1. Peyton Manning – If your attending a game at Mile High Stadium and aren’t rocking one of these huge Peyton Manning faces, well we disapprove. The Sheriff deserves your full support and hey you’ll probably be on TV.
    peyton manning die cut
  • 2. Tom Brady – Tom doesn’t get near enough media buzz. We all need to band together to try and get the camera on this guys face. I also hear he has one cute girl, just one more reason that you should rock out with Toms face out.
    tom brady die cut
  • 3. Aaron Rodgers – While Aaron’s busy throwing TD’s off his back foot on a roll out this year, you’ll be jumping up and down with his face, what a perfect compliment to the heavy weight champion of the NFL.
    aaron rodgers die cut
  • 4. Adrian Peterson – No funny business here. This is one of the best running backs to ever wear an NFL uniform. He actually truthfully does deserve more face time and your probably the perfect fan to make that happen.
    adrian peterson die cut
  • 5. Calvin Johnson – Mega! This guy is incredible. If your found in Detroit without a giant face of Calvin at your finger tips, you should immediately go to your nearest internet connection and order one from Fathead.
    calvin johnson die cut
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